More About Marc Rasmussen

The purchase or sale of a home will be one of your largest transactions. Shouldn't you know a little bit about the Realtor who represents you aside from the traditional sales pitch? Here are some more unprofessional photos of Marc Rasmussen and his family.

The photo below was taken around the summer of 2005. That is my oldest boy Dylan. At the time he was about 6 months old. I get a lot of comments on this photo. Look below and you will see Dylan at age 5.5.


Here I am playing a video game with my second boy Tyler.


This is my wife Kay Rasmussen with Tyler (on the left) and nephew Matthiew.


Here I am with Tyler. He is not quite 4 years old in this photo. We were walking through the Rothenbach park in east Sarasota.


I took the family on a helicopter ride in Sarasota and around the barrier island. I highly recommend it. Here is Tyler enjoying the ride.


This is Dylan on the helicopter ride. Both boys loved it.


I am sitting next to the pilot about to take off. What a blast.


Here is Kay, Dylan and Tyler before the helicopter ride.


I took this one from my telephone. Dylan (left) and Tyler (right) in a restaurant.


Here we are walking through the Rothenbach park in east Sarasota. On a nice day this is a great walk. There are plenty of lush mature trees to provide shade. We have walked here many times. We have seen deer, alligators as well as turkeys.


Tyler (left) and Dylan (right) about to go see 'How to Train a Dragon" in 3D at the IMAX theatre in St. Petersburg. That is the great thing about living in Sarasota. Access to Tampa and St. Petersburg are within a short drive.


Dylan (left) and Tyler (right) are both Superman for Halloween.


If I can help you buy or sell a property in Sarasota give me a call at 941.812.6272.