Casey Key History

The first glimpse of the history of Casey Key is the swing bridge at Blackburn Point Road. Although the functioning bridge is obsolete because its rotating capability is not used, this one-lane Gulf Intracoastal passageway is one of the only few pivoting bridges still in use within the United States today. The bridge was built within the early 1920's, and it has been listed under the authority of the United States National Register of Historic Places.Casey Key, Florida

The rich history of this unique and stunning coastline dates back to the 1840's. Unlike the paradise island that it is today, Casey Key was once considered to be one of Florida's wild and uninhabitable areas, until John Casey was commissioned to survey and map out the area. Part of Casey's job was also to remove the Seminole Indians that called the area home. Although John Casey's name appeared on the 1849 map of the area, the map also showed that the area was originally called Chaise's Key.

The Seminole War and Civil War halted any development of the area until the 1920's. Unlike the wild area that was mapped out by John Casey, today Casey Key provides some of the most sought after real estate within the State of Florida and the United States. In fact, the famous writer and director Steven King owns one of many beautiful properties that are often tucked behind ornate wrought iron fences.

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