Sarasota Makes Travel + Leisure's 10 Best U.S. Beach Towns to Live In List

Ocean breezes, endless sunshine, daily walks along the sand, and a laid-back way of life all entice Americans to relocate to the country's many beach towns. From charming cities on the California coast to Florida's popular shores, there are dozens of destinations to consider, so it can be hard to pick one as your new home.

Thankfully, personal finance site WalletHub has determined the best beach towns to live in around the United States, ranking them according to 63 indicators, including affordability, weather, safety, economy, education and health, and overall quality of life. The top 10 ocean towns to live in (listed below) are unsurprisingly concentrated in states boasting ample coastline, like Florida, California, and Hawaii.

WalletHub also looked at data like violent crime rates, water temperatures, nightlife establishments and restaurants per capita, and more to help you make the right decision. 4 Florida towns made the list with Naples taking the top spot. Sarasota is no stranger to these 10 ten lists but it's always great seeing our coastal town get national recognition for being a fabulous place to live. Here is the list:

1. Naples, Florida

2. Lahaina, Hawaii

3. Baca Raton, Florida

4. New Port Beach, California

5. Santa Monica, California

6. Sarasota, Florida

7. Kailua, Hawaii

8. Carlsbad, California

9. Encinitas, California

10. Vero Beach, Florida

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