New Homeowner's Guide to Picking a Flooring Material

New Homeowner's Guide to Picking a Flooring Material

What You Need to Know About Picking a Flooring MaterialChoosing a flooring material can be tough, especially for new homeowners. There's a lot to think about when you're trying to pick the right flooring for your home. Safety, maintenance, ROI and other factors should all be considered when trying to decide which flooring will be best. This guide will help new homeowners consider all of the factors to ensure that they choose the right flooring for their needs when improving the home.

Safety of Different Flooring Types

For households with vulnerable members prone to falling or accidents, flooring safety is an important consideration. Carpeting is among the safest flooring material because it's naturally non-slip and provides a softer landing during a fall. Homeowners who are drawn to harder flooring like tile or hardwood can consider non-slip tiles or may wish to lay down rugs in high-traffic parts of the house.

Maintenance Considerations

Some types of flooring need more maintenance than others. Carpeting in particular needs to be shampooed regularly and stain-treated periodically in order to continue looking its best. Homeowners who are drawn to carpeting but who don't have time for maintenance can lay down rugs or runners in high traffic areas.

Some homeowners assume that hardwood or tile is easier to maintain. In some ways this is true, but hardwood must be conditioned regularly in order to retain its shine and beauty, while tile flooring requires the grout to be sealed periodically.

The most low-maintenance flooring options tend to be hard floors like laminate flooring. This hardwood look-a-like is scratch resistant, stain resistant, and cleans easily with a dry mop.

Flooring and Pets

Pets can be very hard on floors. Cats and dogs both like to chew on carpeting and can also ruin carpeting if they're not properly trained to use the litter box or backyard. Hardwood floors are just as vulnerable because they scratch easily, meaning that animal claws must be covered or cut short on a regular basis.

Homeowners who have pets usually lean toward tile flooring or laminate. Both of these flooring types are scratch resistant, long-lasting and easy to clean, even in a home with many animals.

ROI for Updated Floors

Homeowners who prioritize the return on investment or who want to sell their home soon need a high-value flooring product that buyers like. In this respect, hardwood floors can't be beat. Well-maintained hardwood floors have a way of wowing buyers. When trying to boost a home's value, it's important to work with a reputable contractor to ensure that the flooring is properly installed and looks its best when the installation is complete.

Contact A Flooring Installer Shortly Before Moving In

Usually the least expensive time to replace flooring in a Bird Key house is when the home is empty. This makes it easier for the flooring installer to install the material. If you're a new homeowner who would like to install a new floor in your property, contact a reputable flooring installer to get started with your flooring upgrade. Your flooring installer can help you determine how much new floors will cost and which type of flooring is right for your home.

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