A Letter to Michael Saunders

It is always nice to hear praise from happy clients. Below is a letter from Alan Dee to Michael Saunders. Alan purchased a condo in 1350 Main Sarasota this year. Thank you Alan! ;-)

See Ourselves as Others See Us

Mrs. Saunders,

I am finally getting around to responding to the letter you sent me last July inquiring about our satisfaction with your company following the purchase of our new home last June 30.

In short, the process went as smoothly as possible.  Our real estate agent, Marc Rasmussen, was exemplary in all respects.  

  • First, he got to know the type of home we wanted, and he didn't waste our time showing us properties that would be of not interest.  Since we were coming down from New York for a few days at a time, this was very important.
  • Second, he was very responsive.  He responded to phone calls and emails within a matter of an hour or so.
  • Third, he always was available for us.  We identified Marc from his internet presence while we were in New York.  When we contacted him, he said that he would have plenty of time to show us around.  We chose him over other agents because he was available and because he was responsive.
  • Fourth, he is very even-keeled and imperturbable.  In a process that can become emotional, Marc's calm approach was both welcome and helpful in completing the process.  
  • Fifth, he stuck with us.  We had a number of reasonable offers be declined, but Marc never became ruffled by the setbacks, and he was good at keeping us on track.
  • Sixth, he knew the various properties we considered quite well and could give us helpful background on them.
  • Seventh, As newcomers to the area, he recommended an insurance agent and an excellent lawyer, both of whom were as professional as Marc.

I rank the process of buying and selling real estate right up there with getting a root canal.  Fortunately for us, Marc kept us on track in a calm and pleasant manner.  We appreciate everything he did, and we would have no problem in recommending him to others.  We hope we get that opportunity someday.

Alan Dee


#1 By Robert Ludwig at 8/20/2021 6:23 AM

Marc, thanks for the heads up on this letter. Thank you to Mr. Dee for coming to Sarasota. Both Marc and I appreciate you as a client and this letter is one of the many reasons we love our jobs.

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