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We know there are a million wonderful places to eat with water views.  This is bayside Sarasota, after all.  So while the options are seemingly endless, there are a few that

Sarasota is far from a sleepy town.  I’ve already talked about parks, shops, and beaches to help you wile away your daytime hours, so now let’s talk about how to fill up your

Living in Florida has brought out in me a new passion for outdoor fitness, my favorite of which is running.  Sure, there is a lot you can do outside here: kayaking, strolls on

One of my favorite things about living in Sarasota is the shopping.  Before I moved here, I was a frequent vacationer.  Yes, it’s true; I was a tourist, cramping the city during

What I hate to hear more than anything, especially from the under 40s in the area, is that there is “nothing to do in Sarasota.”  Wrong!  Aside from all the beaches,

We DWELL agents work with both buyers and sellers in all sectors of the market here in Sarasota and there are some challenges that we help clients face, regardless of the price

Sarasota is a sort of cultural mecca in southwest Florida, known for the sheer quantity of plays, operas, museums, festivals, and other fun ways to fill your free days.  But