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Alina Kirilenko

Being the ‘go-to’ person for all things social media, Alina has found her niche in an industry she loves. In today’s real estate world, what is new and considered daunting to most comes naturally to Alina. She understands the technology and embraces it as the way of the future in the real estate world.

Alina, born in the Ukraine and raised in Russia, moved to Nashville, Tennessee when she was young. She graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration before moving to Sarasota to begin her career. 

Sarasota was not the last stop in Alina’s plan, but years later, she couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. She loves living in this endless summer city with its beautiful beaches, sunsets, and wildlife. She embraces everything that Sarasota has to offer whether it be in one of the many types of restaurants or sunning and boating off of any of the Keys’ beaches. One of Alina’s favorite passions is great food and she considers herself a “foodie.” She also loves to travel, loves animals maybe a little too much, and enjoys spending time with her friends.

Alina looks forward to growing her business through hard work and believes in working smarter, not harder. She strongly cares about making you happy and comfortable during the sale or purchase process of your home. Her goal is to ensure that you find a home where you wake up in the morning and smile at the space you live in because it was found perfectly for you.

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